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Grill Me Up

Beautiful weather. Summer or winter doesn't matter to us. Barbecue on and enjoy everything on the grill. We make our mushrooms and veggies with meat, fish, vega(n), vegetables or even fruit.

Our Flavorites

We are always looking for the best recipes and love to share them with you. Here is an overview of the recipes we like to make ourselves.

Easy does it!

We know better than anyone that time is scarce, so we made a selection of recipes that you can have on the table in 15 minutes!

Ready to start cooking?!

This is what my day looks like.

The first thing we do in morning, we make a smoothie. With a fresh M. mango if we can choose. And ginger tea, delicious. If we have more time, we make a Shimeji mushroom omelet with pak choi. Just put everything together. Stir, fry. Enjoy!

For lunch, we prefer hot soup. We our recipes. Enoki and Shimeji always do well for us. We usually don't have much time in the evening. Therefore we grill something. Eryngii or Shiitake mushrooms in soy sauce. Nice with rice. Or we make a stew. Eddoes and Am Choi veggies are our favorite combo.

Want a 4 to 6 course menu prepared at your home? Just say the word. We'll call our Mitrofresh chef for you.

Vegetarian recipes

We sow, we grow and we harvest, in a smart and sustainable way. This is where our vegetarian dishes fit in perfectly.

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