Spring rolls with M. mushrooms

Spring rolls with M. Mushrooms

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Recipe information

  • Lunch
  • 2 persons
  • 40 minutes

Allergens: Egg, Gluten-containing grains, Soy

Chanterelles are wild mushrooms and grow in the forests of Bulgaria, Poland and the Balkans, among other places. Cool huh! Many people think it is an autumn product, but these chanterelles grow mainly in the summer.

Time for a tasty summer snack! A vegetarian spring roll filled with Chanterelles mini M. Eryngii, Chestnut mushrooms and Hoisin sauce.


2 spring rolls

Used M. products

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Serving tip: Serve with a nice sauce, such as a soy dipping sauce.
Variation tip: Prefer not to have a vegetarian version? Add some chicken to the filling.

Spring rolls with M. mushrooms

This is how I do it.

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