Japanese squash

Kabocha pumpkin

Our Kabocha pumpkin, also known as Japanese pumpkin, is perfect for Roasting, filling, mashing and much more.
It resembles a pumpkin, but is actually closer to sweet potato in taste and texture. After cutting through the coarse, deep green skin you will be surprised by the tender, red-yellow flesh on the inside. The Kabocha has a sweet taste, velvety texture. If you like pumpkin and sweet potato, then Kabocha will definitely be your new best friend this autumn. As well as being delicious, it is also super healthy!
Just like pumpkin, its orange flesh is high in the anti-oxidant beta-carotene, which means that its vitamin A is good for your eyes. The inside of the skin is also a excellent source of fibres. Moreover, you can use the Kabocha pumpkin to add sweetness to your dish without extra sugar use!

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Storage advice

Cooled 8 to 12 months


Sept. to Feb.

Country of origin

Brazil, Netherlands

Skills to prepare: ++ to +++

Easy: - +

Nutri-Score: A tot E

Super healthy: A

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