I grow mushrooms and take care of my people


The building of the Eryngii farm of Mitrofresh B.V. in Lipjan, Kosovo is finished. After 4 years of construction and searching for the best technology Mitrofresh is ready to start growing Eryngii mushrooms with the latest South Korean bottle technology. By using this revolutionary technology Mitrofresh will be able to deliver the highest quality, entirely organic. The production will be active in 3 months with a capacity of 8000 kg per day.

"The Eryngii mushroom is not a vegetable or animal meat, it is something in between. It can nourish and cure you!" "Building mushroom farms with advanced technology is building the future," says Mitrofresh B.V. founder and CEO, Valon Bahtiri. "Producing with the low CO2 and food print is what the world needs! Therefore, producing mushrooms is supporting life on our planet".

In addition, the Kosovar farm will also provide work for hundreds of local employees, who work here together in an innovative working environment!

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